how to -tips on healthy hair

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Healthy hair at your finger tips

              Nature knows what is best for us! Be it on what you should be eating or wearing or doing keeping our good health in mind .

  1. We are what we eat: that’s right what we eat shows through our skin our hair, our nails. It’s an easy way to tell what is going on inside you which helps you analyze and correct it. So eating right with what nature provides seasonally will help u maintain a healthy balance with your body. Some great food for great hair can include avocado eggs  spinach nuts soya flour etc. if u provide your body with enough proteins and irons and vitamin E your healthy hair will thank you for it.EggAvocadoSpinachSalad-Screen-Shot

  1. Mastering oils:  Not getting into the granny talk but oiling is necessary for nourished silky shiny healthy hair, be it coconut oil which has been used…

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king sidhartha

Give this a thought… if Shuddhodana [father of prince siddhartha who later became the great lord buddha] had presented joy and sorrow of the world equally to siddhartha. He might not have left his house in search of his answers. however, he still had great lengths to travel deep into himself but he would have stayed a king.

nothing much have changed for him.. but we would have had an ‘enlightened king’

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all are going commercial and global…

i heard about some NGO and their working pattern today. felt bad, manipulation and making money is the motto. well they do serve, but the share to what they squander is very ugly, mafia is the word that could be used.

1. the solution to this ?? make sure the money you donate to reach till the end benificiary.
2.even better solution ?? service ! donate time along/instead of money. that is best.
3.don’t have much time, but still want to do your little part ?? you don’t have to reach your hands too far, start from around you ! people, places and things around you also need attention.

going global and commercial is good but it is a kind of bio-magnification too. small errors multiply to makeup for a blunder. NGOs are also needed to cover many international issues. just think and be discrete, you guys are good at that 😀


to my lazy buddies – last known GPS location at Buddyway

tilak – last known GPS location at Buddyway.

this is to know where i am anytime.. ofcourse with the limitation of the available network. i have permitted the view of my gps positioning from my phone. made it public.. ! its ok let anyone track me. i still think its cool.. i am still looking for a better way to include a live feed map into this blog. comment and tell me what you think.

…and ya, i will turn this off when/if i become a national celebrity. and i develop fears about people watching me ! for now.. i am just bindaas ! and for the fact that i am a guy, i know it for sure that nobody gives a damn about my data on the internet.

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whos in your brain?

today, now.. i am exploding with waves of possibilities in my brain. my nerve cells are connecting restlessly. i am told, in meditation that we need not try to suppress thoughts by actually trying to. thus you actually give more attention to it. voicing out my current state is just one such possibility that my brain is giving me. why i chose this out of many others ? maybe that is what came in the most probable region. to say ‘i chose’ i don’t even know who among all those synapse connections is ‘ME’ !
i have a history of hyper ventilation. right now my vessels are high in pressure. high in blood i am killing my tissues, i don’t know why.. but all i know is i am transforming myself. why? i don’t know…
from long i am wondering, how would a hallucination feel ? from the inside, is it like a dream? i have developed a talent to distinguish between a dream and reality. ‘i’ come online inside my dream and tell myself that it is a dream, thats another story. can i distinguish between a hallucination and reality like the the dream? when buddha was asked by a seeker, whether it is true that there are heaven and hell. and gods n demons. is it true that there are things like ‘mara’ and his army of demons? he asked with wide open pupils that weather he can see them too ? would buddha be willing to show him all that, if he be his followers. lord [who prefered being called a teacher], ironically again.. ‘lord’ buddha then spoke. he said that he doesn’t know, he will not show him all that. but he can give what a seeker needs. he can satisfy the urge that triggered the curiosity. that is how my curiosity about hallucination is. all my earthly mind needs is some attention. given that, no matter how deep is the urge or love towards anything, it just subsides. thats is just how deep our ego is.
i realised something recently, we are all already in hallucination ! continiously. what ever we think and talk or emotions are just connections between brain cells. the pattern we see. the colours. the depth perception all that are just few strengthen connections by repeated tracing, which means we are more prone to think that way. here is where talk about prejudices. whatever you are looking at, are picked up by your sense organs and done some FFTs and is perceived in a way how we are seeing. its a myth that we are inside this room. suppose if i, for some reason start to see the colour which i call as yellow as which you call red. will we be able to figure it out ever ?? i guess not. no, is what i think now. there could be something in this room that our sense organs are also not evolved to pick up. that is not our reality. that simply do not exist. those who have seen the movie source code can understand this very well. from outside we are just bundle of neurons that is supplied energy and food. but that brain of just 1.4 kg lives in an illusion that it lives in wherever it thinks it is ! we are not even one person who lives inside our bodies. i have a little set of neurons that is saying that i don’t have patience to finish this article. we all think very ideally, atleast we think we do. but most of us fail to live so ideally. thats because of these others that live within us. we are sparks of sodium and potassium ions. each of our personalities a window to think in its way. but what comes out… is average of it all. thats why most of us are failures in reality. our hardware is in a shared network that can be be simultaneously commanded. and also hangup cause of multiple commands. i am not able to digest the fact that i am average of so many things in me. we are on so strict terms on privacy. we mark our boundaries so well. but we so messed up inside believe me!
to find my soul, is to bring it all under one command. to enlightenment is to getting off the illusion that there is a line of command atall….


i was searching for this from long….

I first heard this chanting as a playback for an “aghori video” it was pretty popular in those days. time was when i used to carry this in my phone and used to get inspired by the powerful beats and chanting. i get inspired by any achiever/sadhakas. well, after that i wanned to have this mp3 on my phone from long. found it finally. amidst all those self tagged “awesome,  best, exclusive, latest, original, superb, watnot” videos on youtube.

i see red indian pictures in this video, i don know how that relates.

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i am in the news…

the anti corruption force

Anna Hazare ( D.O.B. 15th june 1937 )

I got a chance to chat with Mr. Manoj kumar works for oneindia news. We debated on anna and the anti corruption protest, thats gaining momentum and “rate-of-change-of-momentum” and all that.. this later, somehow turned into an article. thanx for the quote buddy.


selling a Toyota Fortuner

hello all, i am back again..  this time with i have a toyota fortuner at hand. i will shortly comeup with the details and pictures. i am putting it up on ebay. check it out…

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second strategy

this is from the “wheels on meals” you can go ahead and break your head on etymology. Not to panic is a very good fight strategy. well, during the filming of this fight benny urqidez and jackie needed had some sparks, both were very compititive, production also threatened to fire benny for hitting jackie too hard. but they still ended up the day giving each other a hug.


first strategy

this a fight from the movie “gorgeous” directed by Vincent Kok. It stars Jackie Chan and Shu Qi in the two leading roles. watch the full video. jackie starts to enjoy the idea of fight more than winning a fight. Shu qi also fights ideally, its a treat to watch/fight real fighters. contribute and discuss. TOE.